Who was Antwon Rose?

Discover the Truth About Antwon Rose – A True Story of Cocaine Addiction

Antwon Rose was a 17-year old black male who was fatally shot inside of East Pittsburgh on June 19th, 2021, by Pittsburgh Police officer Michael Rosfeld while he was allegedly trying to intervene in a fight between several motorists. Rose was taken to a local hospital where he died. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, which obtained a video of the incident, Rose was attempting to help another driver when he was “shot in the leg.”

Video taken by an onlooker showed Rose walking away after being struck by a speeding car and then walking back to his vehicle to be transported. He then got out of the car and walked up to a group of people standing by the side of the road, at which time one of them asked, “What are you doing there?” The injured Rose then put his hands up in the air as if asking for someone’s assistance.

Rose then put his hands up and told the man to get his hands off him. Seconds later, another officer arrived at the scene and told Rose’s friends that he was being arrested for suspicion of DUI. Rose was taken to a local hospital where he later died. According to the Triborough Bridgeport Patch, one of Rose’s friends said, “He always put people at ease. When we were little, he would tell us to just smile and put on a happy face.

Facebook Page

On his Facebook page, Antwon rose referred to himself as a “comedian and entertainer” and posted a number of photos on the page. Some of the photos showed him in his youth, standing next to rap icon, Lil Kim. In one of his videos, he was dressed in full uniform, including his police gear. There were no videos on the page that showed Rose in a hospital bed or with his family. In one of his last videos before his death, he can be seen laughing and saying, “I’m good, I’m fine.”

Rose’s friend, identified only as Michael, told the Orlando Sentinel that Rose was having trouble with drug addiction. Rose was working as a call boy when he met a woman in a bar. He asked her to meet him at a hotel but got drunk the night before and started snorting cocaine. She reported him to the police. Rose then went to rehab, but returned to the friend’s house the next day and started to smoke marijuana. He has been addicted to the drug ever since.

Rose’s Friend

Rose’s friend, identified only as Kayla, told the newspaper that Antwon Rose was very depressed the day before he died. He said he found it hard to move and talk, and he didn’t sleep well. After seeing his body at the morgue, Kayla said she was in tears. Rose’s mother, Rose’s grandmother, and sister have all denied reports that Antwon Rose was using drugs.

Rose’s Grandmother

Auntie Minx Lee, Rose’s grandmother, and cousin Brandon said the drug problem wasn’t a big deal for a nation rose. They said they were not surprised by his admission to taking drugs because it is common for teens today to do so. Rose was high at the time of his death, so he must have gotten off track. People use drugs and then have to put their addiction behind them, but that isn’t what happened to the nation rose.

Antwon Rose was arrested after a traffic stop in Florida and his friend, Kayla, told police that he had been snorting cocaine the night before. Rose failed several times at a drug test and was taken into custody. He later confessed to authorities that he was addicted to cocaine and had smoked marijuana as well. According to court documents, Rose had intended to come across as a con man to make his friend’s life miserable and Antwon Rose did just that. His statements created a media sensation because he was under investigation for fraud.

Kayla Rose believes that her boyfriend, Antwon rose, was high on cocaine when he shot her friend in the head. According to her grandmother, Rose was very close to her grandmother and the two spent many happy hours playing cards. When Kayla’s grandmother saw how much action rose loved her, she said that she wished she had been more supportive of their relationship. Unfortunately, it was too late because Antwon rose had already made his way back to his friend’s home.

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