Walmart Introduces First Premier Card

Lately, I’ve heard a lot about the benefits of enrolling for the first Premier Card Membership. With so many retailers out there offering cashback, rewards programs, and other incentives, it’s hard to pick out a card that best suits our individual needs.

For one thing, some issuers offer better terms than others. Other cards have better restrictions on who can qualify for cashback or other incentives. And then, some programs allow you to pay for your merchandise in full every month. That means not having to dip into your savings.


The first Premier Card Membership benefits available to new cardholders include free gas rewards. Moreover, free air travel rewards, free entertainment packages, free meals, rental car discounts, and more. A few of the first Premier Cards in the United States include Costco First Reward Club, American Express Gold Card, Discover Card, and Chase Freedom rewards program.

The application process for a Walmart employee card can be a little different than those for other card issuers. The following are tips to speed up the application process and increase your chance of being approved:


There are many websites online that review and compare the features and benefits of a variety of United States’ first premier credit cards. These websites are very helpful for potential cardholders. Because they comparison shop and they can read comments from other first-time applicants.

If you have experience applying for a traditional bank card. Such as a MasterCard or Visa, you already know that applications are usually required to complete a monetary application, give a deposit, and then wait for a credit card approval (or denial). This process can take weeks, even months! You can shorten this application process by completing the application online and then submitting it directly to the first PremierCard company.

Apply free Walmart cash rebate

When you apply for a free Walmart cash rebate. You can choose the card that has the lowest interest rate and lowest ongoing fees and charges. This is where the benefits of Walmart cash rebate credit cards really come into play. The first reward that you earn when you use your first Walmart money card is free Walmart gift card shopping!

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There are many other reward options that you can earn rewards for with your first time using a Walmart cash rebate card. Including the opportunity to earn free gift cards, free gas, and even savings at local stores. For additional details, log on to the company’s website. To access the forms for signing up for your first Walmart credit card, log on to myfirstpremiercard website.

One of the major benefits of having a Walmart card is the ability to be issued one through the First Premier Card Log on the program. This is an effort by Walmart to provide its customers with more value-added services, promotions, and deals.

With the new program, cardholders will receive free plane tickets, free hotel stays, free tickets for events, free gas rebates, and more depending on the card holders’ chosen rewards program. Walmart has partnered with several other companies like Visa, MasterCard, and Discover to offer its cardholders more benefits and incentives.


There are certain things cardholders have to do in order to get their first card. Upon joining the program, cardholders must log in to their account to apply for their first card. They can also avail of free introductory offers that come along with their application. After having a card, users can use it anywhere MasterCard is accepted and they can make purchases using it anywhere MasterCard is accepted as well. Walmart has partnered with the leading banks to allow cardholders the opportunity to earn the most out of their first card.


Cardholders will enjoy a variety of benefits when they have a Walmart Credit Card. There are no annual fees and there are no blackout dates. Aside from these, they can also enjoy free shipping when they purchase any eligible items and can receive a variety of free gifts when they apply for the card.

The most attractive part about having a Walmart card is the chance to earn a free gasoline rebate. Now you don’t need to wait for a rebate to save on fuel cost as long as you log in to your account to apply for a Walmart card.

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