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Subwoofers From a Reputable Brand

The MC Speaker is a high-performance electronic device manufactured and marketed by the famous DJ and producer, John McQueen. In case you are unaware of who John McQueen is then you should be because this man is one of the most sought-after producers in the whole world. He is also well known for being the musical genius behind the hit songs featuring out-of-control women and screaming babies. The brand was introduced in the market by a famous UK DJ called Paul Webster.

The brand was launched in the UK market by replacing the existing boring and old-fashioned traditional electronic devices. These traditional devices that were used to play music could not play all types of music and were quite basic in their operating platform. They were also bulky and did not have very good sound quality. This made people go for the brand new MC Speakers as they were designed to meet the expectations of people and to make their life much easier.

MC Stand and MC Base speaker

The brand new MC speaker range can be divided into many subgroups or categories. The first subgroup is the MC Stand and MC Base speaker. These speakers were designed to be used on the stand, which was formerly known as the stand-up DJ table. As has been already explained above, the stand was not only used to play music but was also used for the purpose of setting up the DJ setup. The stand can be placed on a dance floor or a stage and hence these speakers were designed to fulfill the need of the buyers.

MC Base speakerMC Over the Head Speakers

The second sub-group of the brand is known as the MC Over the Head Speakers. These speakers were introduced to enhance the use of headphones or earbuds to enhance the audio quality while using the CD player. With the advent of iPods and other media players, the use of these headphones became more prominent and required the use of speaker sets that could handle the output from these devices.

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Therefore, the over-the-head speaker was introduced. These new models were much smaller than the traditional headphones and hence they served all the purposes without taking up too much space.

MC Headphones

Another subgroup of the MC speaker brands is known as the MC Headphones. These were introduced to replace the regular headphones that were much smaller than normal.

The main advantage of these types of headphones is that they do not produce any noise and have a very crystal clear sound quality. They are perfect for the use of kids and young adults as they do not produce any sound distortion.

MC Headset

One of the newest addition to the MC Speaker family is the MC Headset. This brand of the speaker came up with an electronic device that acts as the normal headphones except for the fact that it also acts as a speaker. The technology incorporated in this device makes it ideal for the use of travelers. It is very easy to carry and can be carried around in the same manner as the normal headphones. In fact, due to the success enjoyed with the brands like this one, the market is flooded with similar products.

Mc Headset

Subwoofer speaker

The last subwoofer speaker that we are going to discuss is the subwoofer. This speaker is often used when you want to add a low note to the music that you are listening to.


There are many advantages associated with the use of a sub-woofer and one of them is that there is no chance of losing the volume of the sound by using the normal speakers.


On the other hand, there are certain disadvantages that come with the use of these types of speakers. The main disadvantage is that they take up a lot of room and hence cannot be placed in a small area.

subwoofer speaker

MC MultiFocal

In addition to the above three types of sub-woofers, there is yet another sub-brand that has recently made its entry into the world of MC Speakers – the MC Multifocal. These multifocal speakers allow you to adjust the volume of the sound to each individual channel. They are highly efficient and hence can easily handle the demands of large rooms. Since these speakers are not multichannel in nature, it is important that you buy these speakers from a reputed and reliable store.

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