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The original oregano oil and oregano supplement in Minecraft are now available as Orelib 1.12.2. This update fixes a number of issues in the game. Its full name is “Oriolab Extract”, not orelib. This version of orelib is for Minecraft players only and does not affect mod users at all. Minecraft orelib can be downloaded here. Just click on the link below to get the download.

Orelib 1.12.2 adds a number of new features. It also improves the performance of many vanilla ores and gem compounds. This orelib mod is fully compatible with all versions of Minecraft. You need to have the latest version of the game to run this mod. You should not experience any errors while using orelib 1.12.2.


Orelib 1.12.2 improves the performance of leather items by a significant amount. Leather garments now take less time to wear. This applies to saddles, horseshoes, mules, and wagons. You’ll find that it is easier to dismount from a riding saddle while wearing this orelib mod than it is using orelib Minecraft edition. You’ll also find that you can carry more items and equip more pieces of armor in orelib Minecraft orelib than you could in orelib 1.11.


Orelib modifies iron tools and weapons. For example, an iron sword will now use iron ore instead of using a steel ingot. If you’ve gotten used to the durability of your iron items, this will be an appreciable change. In this version of the game, you cannot weld metals with orelib. Welding is only possible on metal ores.

Offline Support

Orelib Minecraft orelib mod now supports offline inventory. Inventory management has been greatly improved since orelib 1.11. You can set a maximum inventory size for orelib Minecraft orelib edition. You can also set a maximum inventory size for orelib edition. If you want orelib ore, orelib edition provides you with orelib veins. You can mine orels at an oasis in the game for use in orelib recipes.


Orelib Minecraft orelib edition includes many bug fixes and improvements. It is also a lot easier to manage areas that are in packs. The ores now stack in stacks instead of in bags. You can empty ores by right-clicking them and then dragging the empty ore bag inside the bag stack. You also have an option to transfer ores to other players.

Mining System

Orelib Minecraft orelib mod now includes an advanced mining system. You will need ores for building furniture. You can get ores from ores veins. But beware, the higher ones are the higher chance of you getting sick or dying. This is one of my favorites about Minecraft orelib, because it gives more variety to Minecraft orelib recipes and also makes the game more fun.

Bug Fixes

Orelib now has many bug fixes. These changes include helping clients that are having performance issues with the game and fixing an issue that caused clients to have some trouble loading up the game. This version of orelib edition also has many new features that were contributed by the “Minecraft” community. Features like villager services, advanced orelib tools, recipe books, enchantments, and more were contributed by the “Minecraft” community. This version orelib is packed with a lot of great features that will help gamers to enjoy their game even more. If you are still having problems finding good orelib Minecraft orelib recipes, then you should try orelib 1.12.2 today!


Orelib now comes in four different versions, which are orelib ore, orelib gravel, orelib limestone, and orelib slate. Each version orelib has a different formula for creating orelib ore and orelib stone and will be able to produce orelib blocks in all four versions. This can create more variety in your orelib recipe sets, allowing you to mix and match orels and ores.


Orelib now contains many ores that are very helpful for players when they are trying to fight monsters and animals in Minecraft. For example, orels are very helpful when it comes to fighting creatures that are really big, as they can break through the toughest ores. At the same time, ores that orels are attracted to, such as jade, are useful ores for mining. The addition of all these new ores to orelib ore recipes, along with the ones that orelib already contains, can help you make the most ores and the best ones for your game.


Orelib is a fairly old game, but its popularity hasn’t waned one bit. It’s not only because of its nice new look but also because it’s actually very fun to mine orels. You can mine orels in orelib restore and oolong ores. If you’re looking for a unique experience that you can’t find anywhere else, then you should definitely try orelib. It’s not just because of orelib ore, but also because orelib is a great game.

Here is the link of downloading.

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