Margaret Hoover – The First Female Director of the FBI

Margaret Hoover has been married to Richard Hoover, a former president.

They were both born in Kansas City, Missouri. Richard was born in 1895, while his mother was away at work for the United States Army.

Although her father died in office, his family remained in Kansas City.

He was brought to Washington, D.C. by his grandmother, who became famous as a firebrand and women’s rights advocate.

Margaret Hoover and First World War

Margaret Hoover worked for congress during the First World War. Her political views and radical views made her enemies within the conservative movement in Washington. When President Theodore Roosevelt asked her to be his running mate for the presidential ticket in 1908, she refused and said she would stick to her political views.

Margaret Hoover, the same woman who refused to be Roosevelt’s running mate for the presidential ticket six years earlier, became his running mate for the third time.

This was a tough time for Hoover, even though he had never held office before. He was sixty-one years old and in very bad health when he was chosen as the vice-president. He had no experience in the executive office, despite having served as state treasurer, secretary of state, and the state legislature.

Many Americans, especially those in the political establishment, believed that he needed to experience some form of government service to bring some competence to his character and performance. So when President Roosevelt asked him to serve as his campaign manager, it was viewed by some as a positive endorsement of Hoover’s ability to lead.

Hoover did not disappoint the president in the beginning. He was popular with the men and was trusted by the women. His first major campaign project was a forty-two-point program that helped to reduce the government’s size and powers, but his efforts were not well received. After the election, however, the firing line began to grow.

There were accusations that Hoover was unfit to lead because of his poor health, his age (he was seventy-four), his lack of political experience, his relationship with Lady Bird Johnson, and even his having been ‘fired’ by his wife. These accusations gained strength due to the fact that President Roosevelt had named him head of the new government relief department.

Because of his many critics, Hoover was unable to achieve his goals and was forced to resign. After being relieved of his leadership, there was no way that he could regain the confidence of the public. Even his loyal henchman was afraid to work for him anymore.

Hoover Gang

Soon after his resignation, Hoover began to form an organization of his own called the Hoover Gang. This group consisted of his friends and henchmen, and they formed the group to go after their political enemies, those who had been ‘fired’ from the government or those who had become enemies of the president due to some reason. The Hoover Gang did not have any qualms about taking revenge on those whom they felt had wronged them.

During the next few years, as the group grew in size, many more enemies were found. The enemies became more determined to hurt the president. One particularly ruthless organization that was formed was the Secret Army Organization. This group was led by General Bob Alexander. The founder of the Secret Army escapes a lot of attention and notoriety because many believe he is a secret Hitler aide, but no one can really confirm this.

Soon after the Secret Army’s formation, they began to terrorize those members of the Nazi party or any other German organizations whom they felt to be guilty of working for the Germans. Hoover had started the fires of his own revolution. The FBI had finally been established.

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