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Convert CO 2 into petroleum, immediate application!

The Spanish company Bio Fuel Systems (BFS) is behind the first process for the accelerated conversion of CO 2 into artificial petroleum. This controlled synthesis technology, the result of five years of research carried out in close cooperation with the universities of Alicante and Valencia, has enabled the creation of € ™ January 1st AER pilot plant production à Alicante, near Valencia in Spain.
More than twenty patents filed around the world and an innovative ultra-energy concentration process give optimized oil productivity per tonne of CO 2 captured; one of the major strengths that clearly distinguishes BFS in the global sector of producers of biofuels from algae.

Bernard AJ StroĂŻazzo-Mougin, inventor of the accelerated energy conversion cycle of CO <sub> 2 </sub>    Aerial view of one era; re pilot plant BFS to Alicante

A principle inspired by nature

Inspired by the natural process of formation of oil of fossil origin, the developed process captures industrial CO 2 emissions to transform them into quality oil similar to the petroleum of fossil origin (IFT standard), but without metals and offering the same possibilities of derived products (plastics, polymersâ €.). Multiple co-products and by-products with high added value, such as essential fatty acids such as omega 3, omega 6â €, support the profitability and the amortization of a functioning BFS plant. continuously 24 hours a day and over 8,000 hours a year!

An ecological, societal and economic issue

At a time when the planet’s regeneration capacities seem out of date, the technological breakthrough of BFS proves to be a leading solution to eliminate industrial CO 2 emissions, meet European objectives to fight against global warming, and reduce vulnerability countries’ energy with regard to hydrocarbons. BFS technology is also a source of carbon tax relief for manufacturers and a new financial space for profitability in the global algal fuel market estimated at 1.3 billion dollars from here. 2020! (BE United States number 227 (3/12/2010)). “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed, said, Lavoisier. Today, it is now possible to use CO 2 as a real source of quality energy, similar to the petroleum of fossil origin, clean, inexhaustible and economically viable ”

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