How To Make Dalgona Coffee?

What is Dalgona Coffee?

Dalgona Coffee is an easy-to-make, yet a rich-quality cup of coffee. A fine mix of sweet and bitter, it can satisfy almost anyone. A coffee lover can enjoy a steaming cup in the morning or in the afternoon; a hearty breakfast can be made in the evening with a glass of this tasty and delicious coffee. How To Make Dalgona Coffee At Home is a quick method to get that special cup of coffee each day.

Dalgona coffee, pronounced Doggona, is usually made from equal parts instant espresso coffee, granulated sugar, and hot water before adding it to hot or cold milk. Sometimes, it’s topped with crumbled chocolate, crumpled biscuits, or just honey.

To Make Dalgona Coffee At Home begins with a combination of sweet chocolate (dark or dark chocolate chips or chopped hazelnuts) and softened cream cheese. Mix the two in a saucepan over low heat.

After waiting five minutes, stir. Add one tablespoon of rum. You don’t need any other drinks or ingredients. Allow the mixture to boil while stirring constantly. When it’s done, your favorite south Korean dalgona coffee can be enjoyed.

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How To Make Dalgona Coffee At Home?

It doesn’t only use the simple ingredients stated above. Other things you’ll need are a pound of coffee, a pound and a half of sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla, a half of a teaspoon of rum, and a quarter teaspoon of milk.

Bring all these ingredients to a boil, stirring to combine, then let them cool. Pour into a mold, and pop in the refrigerator to chill until you’re ready to make your drink.

How To Make Dalgona Coffee ?

Dalgona Coffee uses a little milk to make the coffee luscious, but it tastes better straight from the steaming mug. The coffee should be made hot according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you’d prefer your coffee very cold, substitute the milk with whole-grain sugar and a quarter teaspoon of molasses.

Stir to combine, then let cool. It will still taste warm, so you might want to add ice to make it a little more refreshing.

How To Make Dalgona Coffee With Ground Coffee?

Dolgona coffee makes a great afternoon or evening time drink for any social media addict. If you have a company picnic to attend and would like to serve your coffee in the car while you drive, this is the recipe for success. Place a small thermos of milk, some dalgona coffee, and a few mints in your car’s sun visor.

When you arrive at the picnic, simply slip the thermos into your sun visor, and off you go. Your friends will be impressed that you made such a cold drink while on vacation, and they won’t be able to resist one of your margaritas!

How To Make Dalgona Coffee Without Instant Coffee?

Dalgona Coffee is also a great recipe for a quick late night pick me up when you need a pick me up with a little more kick. Fill a large glass with milk, a few dahlias, and two to three scoops of instant espresso.

When you’re ready to head out, pour your coffee mixture into your vehicle’s windshield and rock your feet along with it. Instant coffee is perfect for parties and long drives since it only needs five minutes to prepare and there’s no need for a hot water bottle.

Final Verdict

As you can see, there are many ways to enjoy a delicious cup of Dalgona Coffee At Home or at the office. The secret is to match the beverage to the occasion. If you’re out driving, pick me up with a coffee recipe that includes an extra shot of espresso or a simple cappuccino.

If you need a pick me up, make an extra tall coffee drink and enjoy it when you get home.

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