How To Clean A BBQ Grill

Clean A BBQ Grill

Many people have barbecue parties at their homes and even though it’s a great way to enjoy tasty food, it can be difficult to keep the BBQ grill clean. If you’re looking for tips on how to clean your BBQ grill, this article has tips and tricks to help make your barbecue a cleaner place to enjoy a meal.

First, remove the burners and all the pots and pans, start BBQ cleaning using the grill brush to loosen burned-on food, marinades, and sauces. Clean BBQ grill pans and pots using soap and rinse gently or place in the dishwasher.

Use baking soda to scrub the BBQ grates. Place a small amount of baking soda on each plate and then rub it well, making sure that all the baking soda is absorbed. Let sit overnight.

The next day, remove the baking soda and scrub the entire box grates with ammonia. This will loosen any buildup of dirt and bacteria that may be on the grates.

For easier cleaning, use the same baking soda and vinegar combination to scrub the inside and outside of your BBQ grills. You will need two cups of vinegar plus two cups of water. Run the solution through your dishwasher and then run a long brush over the entire grill.

Once you finish brushing, rinse the grill thoroughly. Repeat this step until you have cleaned the entire surface.

It is important to get into those nooks and crannies to loosen up any buildup of grease or grime. If you find a buildup of food debris in these nooks and crannies, spray it down using a non-stick cooking spray or something similar. You may also use a mixture of water and vinegar. Sprinkle some salt over the areas you have sprayed to help with rust removal.

Once you have done all of these steps, it is time to talk about the best way to deep clean your bbq. The best way is to always use a grill brush for deep cleaning. For every use, you should wipe off the grill with a piece of kitchen paper that is covered in cheesecloth. The cloth should be rubbed off all around the inside as well as all over the outside, after every use turns the grill off, allow it to air dry.

Using Aluminum Foil

Another cleaning trick that you can try is using aluminum foil. Aluminum foil can be rolled out and wrapped around your bbq grill. After wrapping, you can allow it to dry in the sun overnight before removing it the next morning.

Another great trick to removing food residue from your clean BBQ grills much easier is to make a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar.

When purchasing your grates, you should know that this combination will only work for one week. However, it is an easy and inexpensive way to clear away any build-up of gunk.

If you are thinking about cleaning your charcoal grill, it’s best to do it after you’ve used the barbeque gas. As stated before, this is the number one reason why clean grills BBQ tends to build up grease.

Barbeque gas tends to give off an ammonia smell when it has burners.

When you get the smell, you can safely assume that the grill has been in use for a while. If you don’t see any signs of smoke, you’re good to go.

Before you begin cleaning your bbq grill, you must ensure that the lid has been removed. Next, you will want to wash off the sponge with a mixture of warm water and mild soap.

The warm water will help to loosen the debris and the soap will help to kill any remaining bacteria. Once you have washed off the sponge, you are ready to begin scrubbing.

For a proper BBQ grill cleanse, you should always start by wiping the grill with the moist sponge and then using a scrub brush. Once you have wiped it down, you will want to continue by applying a mixture of half-breach and half-baking soda.

The baking soda will help to break down the grease and allow you to scrub it down. However, the half-breach will help to gently remove any stubborn dirt or grease.

After you have washed it down thoroughly with warm water, you will want to rinse off the brush and the grates with a wet towel.

When you have completed this process, you can then rinse the grill brush out with hot soapy water.

Final Verdict:

Finally, if there is any rust on the BBQ grill, you should add a tablespoon of dish detergent to a spray bottle and spray it down all of the rusty areas. The detergent will not only help to get rid of the rust but will also help to prevent rust from forming again in the future.

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