Cleaning Techniques For Your Mattress Cover

Cleaning Techniques For Your Mattress Cover – 2 Steps to a Healthy Cleaning Experience

Mattress cleaner systems are becoming more popular with homeowners who would rather have the comfort and convenience of a new mattress rather than trying to keep theirs looking as good as new. The only problem is, some people try to change out their mattresses as little as possible. This can result in dust, soil, and other organic material building up in the mattress over time. With all that said, there are still some steps to take when vacuuming and cleaning mattresses to ensure the maximum health benefits.

Steps for Mattress Cleaning

Here are the simple steps to follow:

Mattress Cleaning – First, you need to get into the right mindset for mattress cleaning. Worrying about bedbug dust, mites, spills, and other residue doesn’t do much for your body. In fact, dwelling on these issues will cause sickness and other ailments. To help get rid of the problems that are already lurking in your mattress, concentrate on today’s concerns when vacuuming. Go over the things that are creating problems in your home and focus on getting rid of them this week.


Mattress Cleaning – The next step is to vacuum your mattress. If it’s a new mattress, start off with a mild cleaning detergent and work your way up to commercial-grade products. Always remember to follow the manufacturer’s directions for use. Use a light hand and don’t agitate the fabric or it may come loose. After vacuuming each area, run a wet/dry vac over the entire mattress to remove excess dust.


Mattress Cleaning – Lastly, use a steam cleaner on your mattress during your regular cleaning routine. This will kill any lingering dust mites, germs, and allergens in your home. Steam cleaning removes much of the dirt, germs, and bacteria that you can’t see with your bare eyes. Many experts agree that vacuuming and steaming is an effective way to remove dangerous chemical contaminants. By taking advantage of steam cleaning your mattress, you’ll give yourself a healthy, refreshing sleep free from illness.


Mattress Cleaner – If steam cleaning doesn’t cut it for you, then your best bet is to purchase a specially made Mattress Cleaner. These are specially designed to vacuum and clean all of the tiny little pieces that can get trapped in your mattress. A good Mattress Cleaner will provide you with an amazingly clean, and you won’t have to worry about breathing in any harmful chemical fumes.

Purchase a Special Mattress Cover

One of the best ways to keep your mattress clean is to purchase a special Mattress Cover. They are very helpful in preventing soils and spills from ruining your fresh sleep. Many cleaning techniques leave behind stains and spots that can only be removed by a quality Mattress Cover. It’s always wise to invest in a quality Mattress Cover because the cost of replacing your entire mattress can be very expensive! Mattress Covers prevent all sorts of stains from ruining your fresh mattress.


If you happen to get a sunny day, you may want to utilize a Vacuum/Sweep Mattress Outside attachment. This handy gadget can help you easily vacuum and sweep the bed outside. The built-in motor will keep your mattress free of dust and other debris, and it will automatically turn off whenever you’re done. The great thing about this Mattress Cleaner/Sweep Mattress Outside is that it works great for both winter and summer seasons.


So, in step 1, purchase or rent a Mattress cleaner and a Mattress Cover. Then follow the cleaning instructions as instructed and use them frequently. You will be amazed at how well your mattress will clean itself. Good luck, and happy sleeping!

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