5 Easy Steps to Start Vaping

We live in a world where around one-third of the population is addicted to smoking. Studies have shown many adverse effects of smoking on the body in which can lead to life-threatening complications. Quitting smoking could be tough but you can easily replace the habit of smoking with vaping. Vaping is a lot safer than smoking as no ash, tar, or combustion is involved in vaping. It can also give you instant satisfaction just like smoking and help you quit smoking. 

Are you here because you want to start vaping? If yes, then this article will serve you as a guide. Here, we will discuss important steps that you should take as a beginner in the vaping world.

Also, in this blog post, we will provide basic information about different types of vape devices like the vape mod starter kit that you require as a beginner. You can choose the best vape device that suits you from top brands for the best vaping experience.

Okay, let’s discuss the important steps you should follow to start vaping the right way.

1. Be sure of what type of vaping experience you prefer 

If you are a previous smoker, think about what you prefer the most about smoking tobacco cigarettes. You want to vape to get rid of smoking and you want to vape to give similar enjoyment or satisfaction.

Do you prefer throat hits and want nicotine in your vape? Or do you enjoy methanol or flavored cigarettes because you prefer the sensory aspects of smoking?

Do you prefer to decrease your nicotine intake slowly with vaping? Or are you a non-smoker looking to start vape?

How important are clouds to you? Do you prefer to blow massive clouds or want to vape discreetly with very few clouds?

Once you answer these questions knowing what you actually prefer, you can visit the online vape shop and choose the right vaping device for you.

2. Picking the right vaping device

There are a variety of vaping devices that you can find online or offline in the market. Selecting the one that perfectly suits you can be both confusing & time-consuming. However, we are here to help you.

Before jumping onto those devices, it is important that you know about three major components of a vaping device:

  • Battery: It gives the power to vaping devices.
  • An atomizer: It transforms the liquid into a mist.
  • E-liquid: Gets converted into a vapor after it gets heated. E-liquid is a flavored juice.

Types of Vaping Devices:


They are small, slender, and resemble cigarettes. Because of their appearance like cigarettes, they are also known as cigalikes. They are affordable, portable, and disposable. These electronic cigarettes generally suit those habitual smokers who are looking to gradually switch to vaping as they provide nicotine and throat hits desired by them. 

Vape pens 

The vape pen is a vaporizing device that looks like a standard pen. It is lightweight, effortless to use, and convenient to carry for first-timers. These vaping devices are preferred to those who prefer an easy setup and minimal features so that they can start vaping without any hassle.

Pod mods 

Pod mods are very popular vaping devices and they suit those who prefer an intense vaping experience. Their flavor production is also better. They are convenient to use, portable and they come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs. They have a built-in battery to provide power. You have to fill the pod with your favorite vape juice and start vaping right away.

Box mods 

If you want a sophisticated device that provides you intense and customizable vaping experience, Box mod perfectly suits you.

Box mods are generally box-shaped and they use sub-ohm tank technology. Box mods can produce huge vapor clouds and extract much flavor from your e-liquid. If you want to experience vaping and have the patience to learn a vaping skill, then box mods are superb choices for you. 

Now you know the different types of vaping devices, you can select the one that perfectly suits you based on your requirement and budget.


3. Deciding on your e-juice

Here comes the most fun part i.e. selecting your e-juice or e-liquid or to buy e-liquid UK.

E-liquid or vape juice consists of Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, nicotine, and flavorings. There is a wide range of vape juice flavors available including various fruits, candy, bubblegum, and many more. You can select the flavor based on your preference. Some vape juices are also nicotine-free.

If you are an ex-smoker and want to include nicotine in your vape, you can use e-cigarettes as they can satisfy your nicotine cravings.

Unlike a traditional cigarette, vape juice does not deliver a horrible smell, taste, and toxins.

You can also have control over the nicotine content by selecting the appropriate e-juice and this is a fantastic benefit of vaping.

4. Stock up on the right parts

There is no vape device that lasts forever. Also, their batteries and coils need to be replaced every once in a while to enjoy a great vaping experience continuously.

Coils wear over time due to the process of constantly cooling & heating. They have to be replaced regularly or else you could end up experiencing a bitter taste.

The replaceable battery in vaping devices needs to be replaced routinely as per the gadget guidelines. The battery is easily removable and replaceable.

If you are buying a vaping device with an irreplaceable battery (built-in battery), you would need to invest in a backup like a USB port. A built-in vape battery typically lasts for around 2-3 years.

5. Studying the instructions for vaping

After you get your shiny new vaping device, make sure to read the instructions and follow the directions. Rushing without enough research and knowledge can do more harm than good. You may also end up damaging the device or not getting to enjoy the vaping experience to the fullest.

We are sure you don’t want it to happen, right? So, never underestimate the importance of reading and understanding the instructions before vaping.


Now you know the important steps discussed above, you can kick start your vaping escapade easily and effectively.

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